Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Home accent - Flowers

Few more days and we officially get into the Spring Season. There are so many reasons why we love the Spring... I won't start to name them, as they are too many, but I will tell you one of my favorite one: the flower shops are filled with flowers. So, I start to have this urge of decorating my house and shop with flowers. Which I already did.
A person who loves interior design must agree with me that there's no such thing as "a house without plans/flowers". I love them whether they are in vases or planted, in gardens or in their natural habitat.
I found this beautiful selection of images on Melissa Loves's blog. The beauty of this arrangements stands in the simplicity of the bouquet.  I'm so looking forward to raise some money and get some vases with orchids and tulips.  I bet they will look amazing.
Have a good week and a lovely 1st of March.

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