Thursday, 19 January 2012

... just pictures

Although I tried to avoid making wishing lists, I couldn't stop myself of expressing my desires in a small list. The pictures below are re-blogged from My Mind In  and they reflect a part of what I would like to do now.

 I just want to run away with my best friends, somewhere hot and have fun.
To meet my brother in Thailand and spend a month doing nothing but leaving the moment.
 Read a lot of books.
 Buy a puppy and play with him all day long.

 Paint, draw and just get crazy in my studio. Let my mind be free and express through painting my emotions

 Take pictures. Observe and enjoy the black&white processing

    Get a tattoo ( but not this big )

 Drink a very good glass of sweet wine in a nice bar, somewhere in Provence

And the picture speaks to itself

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