Sunday, 10 March 2013

Shabby Chic Interiors

 It's Sunday, and although the weather is gloomy, the Spring is in the air. You can see it on the streets, on how people dress-up, in the window displays of the shops, in the flower shops and on people faces. And because I have to come-up with a new Spring window display at a cupcake shop,I had to dedicate this morning to this project. So,  I had to surf trough internet for some ideas. It took me few minutes to find this amazing images ... and now, here I am getting excited about this lovely interior and dreaming with my eyes open for hours..................
 Feminine, romantic, light and full of life, shabby chic style is more and more found in the latest trends and home products shops, in Romania. At the moment, I do not share my flat with someone, so I can "shabby-chic it"  as much as I want. I have to say that this style it's hard to be adapted to a couple, as it is way to feminine for a man. Therefore, get wild single ladies; until a man will come into your life and leave their socks on the floor, their gadgets all over and ask to get rid of your "needless"decorations.

Have to leave you now, but I wish you a sunny Sunday and a good week ahead.

With love,

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