Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My kind of style

Since I decided to open my own store, I have tens of list with things I should do and take in consideration. My mind is set on things I will sale, what artist/artwork should I hang on my walls, what type of jewellery I will select, how my display will look, what kind of packaging I will use and of course through hundreds of thoughts, how I will look is there too. If I want my store to look great, then I should look the same. I have been thinking of what style I should adopt; I would like to keep it simple but a bit sophisticated, elegant but yet comfortable, chic and interesting. I would like my image to reflect confidence and good taste. The images posted today are pretty close to what I would like to wear during my working hours in the shop. What do you think about them? Are they close to what I was describing above?



Anda said...

Love them and I think they fit you. But the most important part in reflecting confidence is you feeling confident, and only then your clothes showing that..

mihaela said...

You're so right and I'm working on it. people see improvement which is great. I'm closer and closer to whom i would like to become. xxx