Monday, 9 May 2011


We have a saying in Romania: "show me your friends to know who you are". It's so true. Friends are there for you no matter what, those with whom you have fun, with whom you feel free to be yourself without any judgment, those with whom you can share thoughts, hang out in weekends or on a holidays. Friendship is that feeling of freedom of expression and having fun every time you have them around you. In our days it's harder and harder to trust someone and to have friends. People are more jealous of your happiness and frustrated, and because of that they do not see you as you are but as they think you are. Few days ago someone laugh at me because of how I behaved with a friend . In the beginning I did not react, but thinking of it, a feeling of pity reached me; pity of those who laugh: they really do not know how is to have a real friend. A friend it's like a member of your family. You hug him, you kiss him, you tell him who much you care for him, you argue and forget, you cry and you miss him. Hmm. but I guess if they do not have affection in their own family then how can you ask to be sentimental towards their friends.
The best memories are build with your lover, family and friends. And I'm so lucky to have so many friends near me and at the distance who see me as I really am. They are the best because their goal in life is to have fun.
Do not forget that you bring people around with your personality and actions; but this can drive them away also.

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